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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your next booksigning?

Please keep checking the announcements on my home page for updated news of public booksignings.

Do you visit reading groups?

If you are local to the Harrisburg, PA area and would like me to visit your reading group or to make a presentation for your organization, please contact me.

Are your novels suitable for young people?

The content of all books displayed on this website is similar to what you would be exposed to on network television (NBC, ABC, or CBS). They contain mild adult language and themes. Some scenes are sexually suggestive, but they are not graphic or explicit.

How would you characterize your novels? What genre are they geared toward?

The Perry County Mystery books are written as conventional mysteries. Their pace and action are between cozy and thriller. Earthburst is post-apocalyptic speculative fiction. The Story of Sing Series is teen fiction.

Where did you learn how to write?

In my various day jobs, I spent many years writing environmental assessments, technical reports, grant applications, user manuals, and technology plans. That experience helped me to learn about the mechanics of writing. Once I decided to become serious about creative writing, I started attending writer's workshops, conferences, and joined a critique group. I continue to participate in these writing activities. The learning process never ends.

Do you write full time?

No. Earning a living by just being a novelist is very difficult.

Where do you get your story ideas?

This is the most frequent question that I am asked. Check out my blog post for the answer.

How did you get published?

This is the second most frequent question that I am asked. Entire books have been written on this subject. Aspiring authors soon discover that the rejection rate is very high. My best answer for this question is to continue perfecting your writing by attending writer's conferences, join critique groups, network with other authors, agents, and editors, keep reading, and keep writing.

What books do you like to read?

In non-fiction, I continue to read "how to" books by other successful authors, agents, and editors. For example, Stephen King's On Writing and Ayn Rand's The Art of Fiction are excellent references.

In fiction, I tend to read the same type of books that I like to write - action packed thrillers, mysteries, and speculative fiction. For a change of pace, I sometimes enjoy reading classics or literary works. I also enjoy listening to audio books while traveling or using the treadmill.

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